Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Uh, I'm Really Feeling Sick Today

Our friends at Hudson report something that should not be a revelation for most of us . . . namely that 30% of those employed are "playing hooky" (taking a "mental health" day) at least once a year, often with their managers turning a blind eye to their behavior.

“With the busy pace of today’s working environment, employees are taking matters into their own hands to combat stress and take care of their families, often with the tacit approval of their manager,” says Alicia Barker, vice-president of human resources, Hudson North America. “While this practice may reduce employees’ concerns about breaking the rules, managers can also help by advocating a healthy work/life balance, time management training and stronger personal time policies.”

It should also come as no shock that younger workers in low-paying jobs are the worst offenders. Take a look at the Hudson survey results, and then look in the mirror. What's happening in your company? And why?