Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dull Work Can Kill You

According to a study conducted by Dr Harry Hemingway, of University College London Medical School, reported in the Business News section of, some workers may actually do themselves a favor by NOT showing up for work. Apparently dull jobs CAN kill you.

According to the report, "men with 'low-grade jobs', meaning they had little control over daily tasks, and men in low social positions had faster and less-variable heart rates." Dr. Hemingway goes on to say "This finding helps explain why men with low-paying jobs and less education have a higher risk for heart disease, a trend that has been evident for the last 30 years." In contrast, the healthy heart experiences variation in rate, which could come from a number of things - exercise, relaxation and, yes, some excitement at work where we spend most of our time.


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